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Joining Blanko

Blanko is a member association of the Finnish Information Processing Association (TIVIA). By joining Tivia, you will also be joining Blanko, and you will be able to enjoy the great membership benefits of both Tivia and Blanko. Membership matters are handled by the member manager of our guild. More information and help in problem situations can be found at .

Instructions for joining

  • Fill in the electronic joining form on Tivia’s website.
  • All you have to do is pay the bill you receive from Tivia. The membership fee is € 20 for the calendar year 2022 or € 10 per year for those born later in 1998. At the same time as joining Tivia as a student member, you can also subscribe to Tivi magazine digitally free of charge, or choose from other low-cost Tivia benefit packages that you can find more information about here.
  • Blanko’s membership benefits will be available to you as soon as Tivia has accepted your membership.

Blanko membership benefits

  • Possibility to buy blue Blanko overalls
  • Opportunity to participate in excursion trips and events at a cheaper price
  • Opportunity to participate in company presentations organized by Blanko
  • Free refreshments and food at Blanko events
  • Opportunity to take part in sports opportunities organized by Blanko (eg. Blanko’s sports hall shift, football team and various raptures)
  • Possibility to buy products for members, eg. shirt and songbook
  • Free coffee and tea are available in the guild room
  • The right to vote at association meetings and the opportunity to stand for election
  • Right to Bugi access (see Bugi Server for more)
  • Get hundreds of new Blanko friends!

Tivia membership benefits

  • Tivi‘s digital subscription for Tivia student members 0 €!
  • Free seminars, webinars, trainings and other events for members to update your skills, meet professionals and get to know companies in the industry. There are also leisure activities where you can relax in good company.
  • IT Insider offers unlimited news and one star article per month.
  • Those who have paid the more expensive membership fee can choose magazines from Tivia’s selection of membership magazines: membership magazines.
  • Discounts on hotels, cruises, insurance, sports services, security and VPN software, and eyewear, for example.
  • Free legal telephone advice.
  • You can check other benefits on Tivia’s website: membership benefits

More information

Membership is renewed every calendar year at the beginning of each year. Tivia sends an annual invoice for membership.

Local membership

You can also become a local member of Blanko. Learn more about local membership here. However, to get the most out of it, we recommend joining Tivia, and through it Blanko. Membership is valid as soon as the Board has approved your application at its meeting.

Unions & unemployment funds

You should join the union immediately in the first year of study. At the same time, it is worth joining the unemployment fund so that you can accumulate months from the first summer job. Any job will garner money! Blanko cooperates with TEK (Academic of Technology) and recommends all its members to join TEK for free. It is possible to join KOKO unemployment fund through TEK.