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Principles for a safer space

There is no room for violence, intolerance, discrimination, harassment or bullying in Blanko. If you witness violence, discrimination or harassment we implore you to intervene.

If you need assistance, consider contacting the Blanko board at hallitus (at) or the Student Union at hairinta (at) You can also reach out to Blanko board members individually (firstname.lastname (at)

Blanko has a zero tolerance policy for any sexual harassment or discrimination. Respect the boundaries of other people and always ask for consent.

Do not make assumptions about another person’s identity, sexual orientation, gender, age, place of origin, nationality, political views etc. You can’t know the thoughts, experiences and conditions of other people.

Do not use derogatory, offensive or racist language. Intervene if you witness problematic language or action.

Respect other people and give everyone space while in conversation. Do not yell, make fun of or insult other people.

Take care of one another. If you notice someone in a bad shape, take care of them or ensure that someone else does.

Include everyone. Do not exclude anyone and avoid needless cliques. Be polite and kind.