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Applying for membership

To become a member of Blanko you must be an Information Processing Science major in the University of Oulu. Joining Blanko is easy: just fill an application form and then pay the yearly membership fee, that’s it! The form with more instructions can be found at


Blanko is the student guild of information processing science students at the University of Oulu.
Student guilds are similar to fraternities and sororities, with a key difference. We aren’t made up of just boys or girls, we accept all our fellow students within our own degree programme!
Blanko organizes parties, excursions, trips, company visits and other
activities for its members. The sole purpose of Blanko is to keep our students busy, in and out of school.

Blanko has about 500 members. Most of them are current students, but there’s also graduated members. With that amount of members, we’re one of the biggest and most active guilds at the University of Oulu. The atmosphere of the guild is friendly, open and relaxed, which means you make a lot of new friends easily.

To get information about Blanko’s events, join our mailing lists. For first year students : and for older students After the first year, Blanko-fuksit mailing list members will be automatically moved to Blanko-wanhat.


– You can get the cool overalls
– Cheaper prices for excursions
– Free drinks / food at parties
– Sports possibilities
– Company excursions
– You can get a key for the guild room
– Free coffee and tea available in the guild room between lectures
– Hopefully nice new friends 🙂


You may have already seen some students celebrating and partying with differently coloured uniforms while being in Oulu. The main purpose for those is to keep your clothes tidy and show that you belong to a flock. And they’re of course cool and contain nice pockets to keep all your stuff readily available.

New overalls are ordered near the end of every year so that they’ll be delivered for the beginning of the next year. In case you have not pre-purchased and tried out the overalls during autumn there may be some spare ones from the earlier orders, in which case you should contact the guild room service on Thursdays on 13-14 o’clock, or just e-mail hallitus (at) .

The price of the overalls varies from 30-40e a piece depending on the year.


The Guild room is our gathering place during and between lectures. The guild room is a great place to just to hang out, play videogames, see other people, drink coffee and so on. The Guild room is usually open during the days and it is rarely empty.

The guild room is located at a bunker on the very base floor of the university. To get there, (if you’re coming from the center cafe) walk the main corridor past Tellus and take a right to the hallway, soon you will see Humus-café on the left, and just beyond it you can find a door which has the Blanko sign on it.

Microsoft Imagine

Microsoft Imagine is Microsoft’s student program that presents students with Microsoft software and operating systems for free.

To get access to the Microsoft Imagine service,  you must be a student in the department of Information Processing Science at University of Oulu. You can request the account by e-mailing the membership representative at jasenvastaava (at) . Please attach also a screenshot from your WebOodi page where your student status is being shown and include your student id in the e-mail. Microsoft Imagine is provided to us by Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering.


As we want our exchange students to take part in our activities and experience the real student life in Oulu, we of course have a designated person for you to turn to. Blanko’s international relations manager (IRMA) will keep you informed about events and other important stuff. If you have any questions, feel free to contact them at any time. To reach our IRMA please use the following e-mail address: irma (at) . You can also contact the board directly by using hallitus (at) address.

You can also visit the guild room and ask around, most of the time there’s at least someone around who can help you further. In case you feel that some information you need is lacking from this page, please also send an e-mail to our board (hallitus (at) so any issues will be looked into.

Principles for a safer space

There is no room for violence, intolerance, discrimination, harassment or bullying in Blanko. If you witness violence, discrimination or harassment we implore you to intervene.

If you need assistance, consider contacting the Blanko board at hallitus (at) or the Student Union at hairinta (at) You can also reach out to Blanko board members individually (firstname.lastname (at)

Blanko has a zero tolerance policy for any sexual harassment or discrimination. Respect the boundaries of other people and always ask for consent.

Do not make assumptions about another person’s identity, sexual orientation, gender, age, place of origin, nationality, political views etc. You can’t know the thoughts, experiences and conditions of other people.

Do not use derogatory, offensive or racist language. Intervene if you witness problematic language or action.

Respect other people and give everyone space while in conversation. Do not yell, make fun of or insult other people.

Take care of one another. If you notice someone in a bad shape, take care of them or ensure that someone else does.

Include everyone. Do not exclude anyone and avoid needless cliques. Be polite and kind.